Welcome to ZoundOZilence.

”Acting is magical. Change your look and your attitude, and you can be anyone”

ZoundOZilence Blog & e-courses whit ZitaZoo.

Everyone has a story and all of them need to be told but some of them need a lot of things before they get told. 

ZoundOZilence is about to believe in yourself, get your dreams fulfilled, and do the next right thing.

ZoundOZilence Is ZitaZoo way of getting things done before she tells her story to ya all!

"Just do the next right thing

Take a step, step again

It is all that I can to do"

The next right thing!

Hi I'm ZitaZoo

I am a woman with stubbornness and great strength in always taking another step. My areas of expertise are YouTube, Influences, Online and Speaker Marketing.

I work with developing people in their everyday lives and believe that everyone can, just take different long time to learn and perform!

Why should you go to education here with me?

I think, but above all I know that if I teach you what I can then you will see more opportunities that can take you where you want.

Together we can travel in the world of knowledge and become what we want to become.

In this forum I will guide you through what I can, know and what I am good at.

One day I hope to see your platform and learn more from you!

Welcome to ZitaZoo and learn more with me.

I look forward to getting to know you on the inside ZoundOZilence.